Fruit Shoot

Jazen Tea is a fruit tea and boba company that was started in 2012. As the boba market quickly exploded, Jazen Tea was wise to capitalize on one thing, fresh fruit. As a healthy option amongst the powdered and cloyingly sweet competitors, Jazen wanted to focus on their brand. From this, the Real Fruit Campaign was born. The idea was to be as "real" as possible, so the obvious answer was to incorporate real fruit and then utilize photography and stop motion for a fun and inviitng video. 

Week by week, we had a new fruit focus. Pineapple week highlighted our various pineapple Jazen Tea drinks, then we went into strawberry, mango, etc. to remind our audience of all the fruit options that Jazen Tea already has. 

The highlight of each week was to showcase our stop motion video featuring the fruit and various drinks that we have at Jazen Tea. Bright, fun, and exciting are all adjectives that we describe our brand with, so we really wanted our videos to capture this. 

Overall, it was a great campaign to really get to the origins of Jazen Tea and focus on what makes Jazen so unique and delicious. 🍑  🍓 🍍