KSPU Publicist

KSPU is the largest student-led on campus radio station at SPU. I had the incredible opportunity to be involved as the publicist for KSPU from 2013 - 2016. 

This job required me to promote, inspire, and bring awareness to KSPU on the relatively small campus. Most of the work was poster design which was then formatted to become a Facebook banner, Instagram photo, and sometimes even large-scale posters. 

Other tasks such a re-branding, sticker production, t-shirt design, as well as signage, helps to market KSPU and reach a wider audience. We’re not all just hot tunes, and great beats, but a group of passionate students who love music and love inspiring others to share and connect that way. 

Check them out here: kspu.org

Promotional Material

The ultimate goal is relating to the students, while staying relevant. Quickly grabbing someones attention and informing about what the poster entailed. We were able to boost our number of DJ's from 12 last year, to 32 Winter of 2015. More blog posts and writers have stepped up, and our engagement continues to improve. 


One especially important improvements for KSPU was their rebrand. From the beginnings, the panda has been the KSPU mascot. Music of course is the primary method of connecting with the SPU community. Considering both of these aspect, I began to look at how I could incorporate both the panda and the music element. 

The result is iconic and memorable, circular logo design. The music panda, also known as Woodhouse has been branded and incorporated in every design that KSPU has produced since. The importance of the rebrand was to emphasize how KSPU is relevant on campus and the new logo proved how KSPU is an official club, not going away anytime soon. 

From stickers, to posters, Facebook banners, patterns, window signs, the logo has been almost everywhere. 

Environmental Design 

Pushing boundaries, and discovering new methods for advertising and representing KSPU has brought greater awareness to the club, resulted in an increased number of student DJ’s, involvement, and blog posts.

One important goal that I had for KSPU before I graduated was to very clearly mark the location of the KSPU office. Though the club is well-known, often students are unaware of the location. To bring more awareness, I wanted to get the approval to incorporate the logo on the KSPU station window. After many faculty interactions, meetings, and speaking with SPU facilities, the project was approved, and now KSPU is even more present on campus. 

Above is a table covering that I painted. It's used when KSPU has a table at a SPU event. It's a great way to brand us, and help us to standout in a sea of white and black tablecloths. Students know right away what club they will be interaction with.