Pho Hoa and Jazen Tea

Pho Hoa is the largest Vietnamese cuisine franchise outside of Asia with the intention of making pho an American household name. My goal as the in-house graphic designer and social media coordinator is to showcase the excellent food that Pho Hoa offers, as well as strategically come up with new campaigns and promotions to drive social media engagement and response. Growth and consistently are two primary goals as Pho Hoa is growing rapidly and needs a strong foundation to continue it's social media presence and following.

Focusing on the ingredients and the products is one of the best ways to share that we have healthy and delicious food. It also helps 0ur customers who are not familiar with Vietnamese cuisine to better understand what goes into the food they eat. 

Tofu Roll Branded.gif

 Jazen Tea is the parent company, a boba and fruit tea house. It's fun and lively personality requires innovative and bright design collateral, as well as a greater social media presence with a younger audience. 

Being in-house at a smaller and rapidly growing company allows me to wear many hats as I cover digital, print, photography, videography, animation, branding, brand guidelines, data analysis, social media, and marketing.


Another big accomplishment of my work was developing and defining the overall brand and brand guidelines for both Pho Hoa and Jazen Tea.  

Utilizing programs such as Hootsuite, Bitrix24 and Basecamp allows me to effectively organize social media engagement, analyze data from engagement, and properly time-manage. Though I am very organized and self-motifated naturally, these programs help to create a more efficient workflow as well as allow for team collaboration and response. 

Another big undertaking was to photograph and compile of the the Pho Hoa and Jazen Tea products, drinks, and dishes. The recipes are proprietary so cannot be posted publicly though it gave me a good opportunity to create a visual and written guide for our managers and franchisees—something that never existed before. 

Overall, my role at Pho Hoa and Jazen Tea has helped me to grow into an adaptable and fast-working designer. I'm grateful for all of the different forms of media I can utilize and it helps to push me to think of how I can be more creative with my resources especially when it comes to social media and marketing. Working in-house has given me more opportunities for growth and autonomy. Providing tools such as a Brand Guideline, Recipe Book, Franchise Training Manual, and Data Analysis sets Pho Hoa and Jazen Tea up for success. Lastly, being a part of building the Pho Hoa and Jazen Tea foundation can only help this company to continue to grow and reach the goals we've set forth.