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Experimental Typography

When I was abroad in London this past summer, I came across a design firm called Sawdust. It's orchestrated by the extremely talented Jonathan Quainton and Rob Gonzalez. Their work has a wide range, but their innovation and creativity show through best in their typographic treatments. I'm really blown away by their use of texture, movement, and contrast to create consistently, such excellent work. 
Check them out : madebysawdust.co.uk

Experimentalism can take one of two turns. Often, the experiment looks like a mistake. Mistake has a negative connotation, but it means more the lack of intentionality. There is a disregard for rule or structure. Often this is evident and can intrigue, but mostly looks unprofessional and even sloppy. Of course, each client and project is different when you consider the outcome, but experimental design must be wary of this turn. 
The other turn, is a cultivation of creativity and new methods that demonstrate how design can be pushed into a new realm. Building pipe-like letters and destroying them, seems like the furthest idea from "natural." It is absolutely creative and incredible and works perfectly for this project. "Flow," this idea of a liquid plasticity can be demonstrated so well with a liquid medium, paint. Motion and texture works so well in almost all of Sawdust's work. 

Overall, I hope this inspires you to discover some designers who are opting for new tools aside from their RBG screens. We are masters of the computer craft, and a natural vessel for a think tank, but as humans we crave that analog style that our hands can create. Dare to pick up a new medium to construct a new idea. 

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