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Nejc Prah — Slovenian Wizardry

Nejc Prah delivers a lightning bolt of design right to the iris. Layering intrigue with gradient and asymmetry. His balance and composition is found in the complexity of his craft. As a recent MFA graduate at the Yale University School of Art, Prah has the absolute best education when it comes to historic graphic design. Yale is undeniably, the pantheon of design. MFA alums are regarded to be successful and innovative, though few go on to acieve as much as Prah so soon. The reason for his success is his sheer originality and riveting attention to every detail. 

His work is simultaneously abrasive and fun while always seem to be dripping in primary colors. He works well in the realm of Bloomberg's abstract and playful compositions that put a pin in a new concepts. He's now a part of their design department or filling in time with other freelance projects. Though his work is so unique, it does not have the same strangeness or obscurity of David Carson, it strives for it's design purpose through insanity.

Viewers thoroughly appreciate Prah's refreshing quality to strive for something new and unattained. The true joy in his work, comes from imagining his process, his reasoning, and his nature. It makes the future of his work even more exciting and the ambiguity prompts one to ponder, "What will he create next?"

Source: Nejc Prah's portfolio website

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