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Shibori the World

Ahh the annual tradition of the great Shibori dye! For the past two years now, indigo dyeing has been an end of summer spoil. All year we save up every scrap of white cloth we can find. From curtains, to tote bags, mattress covers and tube socks; It's all fair game in the world of Shibori.

How? It's simple. 
1. Purchase this kit
2. Grab a giant 8 gallon+ bucket (Home Depot is prime) 
3. Grab gloves unless you want to join the Blue Man Group
4. Tie Dye the world!

The true beauty of the indigo dye is not only the rich colors, but also the anticipation of unwrapping your carefully tied masterpiece. Each one unexpected from the next, and new techniques and creative solutions flow easily. 

Here are some great techniques that we loved from Creative In Chicago

Favorite techniques:

  • The clothespin method makes these beautiful square patterns. It's a great way to keep it consistent too.

  • Using smooth rocks / pieces of bark / wood / pingpong balls to tie around makes these wonderful jelly-fish like bursts all around the shirt

  • The square design is beautiful because it has uniformity, yet variety with the ink distribution.

Basically, you can't go wrong here. Once you're done tying, dyeing, and drying, it's time for a cold wash in the washing machine and then throw it in the dryer on low. Or just hang-dry. This will lock in the colors and ensure the indigo will stay. 


The results are a fantastic collection of surprise and beauty. My favorite part about this process is the oxidization. When you're initially dunking the cloth in the indigo solution, it's this bright, alluring green. Once you wring out the excess liquid and hang it to dry, the work begins to oxidize and the deep indigo color sets in. Also, look at that thong! Such a beautiful pattern. 


Post Script: A great vid with more information can be found here too:

Happy Shibori day to you! 

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