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2017 Music Review To Date

Back in the saddle again. As music continues to multiply and my ears grow ever-wanting more, I present to you my top favorite albums of 2017: 

The Flaming Lips — Oczy Mlody

How can really back-up my choice when it comes to TFL lately? I definitely don't endorse Cyrus, but Wayne Coyne,—collaboration choices aside—can really create an intriguing piece of work. It's no Yoshimi, but Oczy Mlody ("the young eyes" in Polish), is an album that captures my ears with the depth in textures, it's trippy mainstay, and overall cosmic indulgence. It's downright ridiculous lytically, as TFL often is, but it's provided enough intrigue that I really enjoy this album when I'm in my zone-out car moments and can just relish the sound. Stay away from Cyrus, and TFL are coming back into themselves. 

Girlpool — Powerplant

Femme Fatales, a musical genre that I love! Girlpool is awesome for a number of reasons. 1. The duo's voices are perfectly loud, apathetic, genuine, and beautiful. 2. The lyrics of these over-whelmed punk "kids" are relatable and never forced. 3. The grit and talent musically meshes just perfectly with the desired style. It's a near-perfect femme album of the summer and I'm soaking it up. 

SZA — ctrl

A diary entry album that takes on the role of a Pop/R&B ballad that's perfectly orchestrated by SZA's truly beautiful voice. It's album of heartbreak, hearts broken, loss, and mistakes. It's an open heart surgery kind of an album without the self-loathing and pity. SZA reveals and exploits herself but acknowledges the grit. And damn, she sings it so well. Give it a spin, her euphoric voice can't be matched. 

Ling Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard — Flying Microtonal Banana

Psychedelic rock meets a wave of unapologetic experimentalism. I love new sounds, that's why when the art or album is labeled as "experimental," my attention is grabbed. This album is especially incredible as each song seems to convey a new and interesting sound while the adjusted microtonal tuning is already uncovering seemingly new notes and quirks. The utilization of Turkish instruments, and other unidentified musical instruments, really add to their rich and unmatched sound. 

Big Thief — Capacity 

I definitely think this album will stand until the end of the year. Lead vocalist, Adrianne Lenker blows me away with her sound and lyrics. The simplicity and beauty in the mundane gives this folk album it's high regard. Capacity is a work of story telling, as the track list showcases people's names and the song reveals their story. The lyrics are traumatic and at times hopeful when it seems absolutely hopeless. In conclusion, the whole work of Capacity is beautiful when you add up the sound, lyrics, and musical composition. So far, this is the most real album of the year.

Albums to look forward to:

The National — Sleep Well Beast

Toro Y Moi — Boo Boo

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 10.49.38 PM.png

I'm sure by the end of 17 this will grow, evolve, and probably repeat, but regardless, I'll see you in December!