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Some quirks, rants, and solid-gold design discoveries

Ante Meridiem

"Sleep, that deplorable curtailment of the joy of life." — Virginia Woolf

It's not strange or surprising to learn that I'm fascinated by interior design. Being a designer means learning how to make something out of essentially nothing. Building and investing into my home (tiny apartment) meant trying to be resourceful and practical, while still desperately holding onto the colors and textures I cherish. 


Modern, minimalist, white; that's the canvas I began with. Slowly things became more eclectic and personable. Leaning how a double-stuff duvet is a major key, and books and magazines can become art to fill in the void. Plants add that nice touch of extra O² and color and texture!!! (Did I mention that I love texture?) Yes, my record player is all white, my desk is, my chair is, but it's the small colorful details that tie it together.


Other little details:

  • My grandmother's filing cabinet

  • Favorite bits posted above my desk as good reminders

  • Fig the rat!

  • Collections of hand-pressed prints

  • Bamboo diffusion makes everything smell good all the time

  • Plant babies

  • Incense and sweet polaroid treats

  • My vinyl collection which lives in my living room

Wishing you good sleeps, wherever you reside! 

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